RMA department
Ladies and Gentlemen, our consultants are available at your disposal from Monday to Friday 9-17. If necessary, please contact one of the departments to which e-mails and phone numbers presented in the Contact section.
Terms of Service

- Broken device can be emailed or any courier at the expense of the consignor, or delivered in person to the site only with properly completed application service (download). The complaint sent to the company without a completed application Esperanza service will not be considered until you complete the documentation.

- The packaging should be made clear that the shipment is directed to customer service. The shipping cost to be borne by the customer service and the cost of return shipping is covered by Esperanza.

- Please describe as accurately as possible the fault. In the absence of a description of the equipment will be tested in a general way, but it does not give confidence defect.
If indescribable defect is not detected, the equipment will be returned in the condition in which it was sent to the site.
- Products delivered or sent to the site should be complete in original packaging. Returning incomplete products may extend the deadline for the repair and replacement of the product makes it impossible for the new and exposure correction. You can use the repackaging instead of the original, but it must adequately protect the product from damage during transport. Esperanza Company is not responsible for damage to goods in transit to the site.

- The condition of considering the complaint is to deliver the goods to the site before the end of the warranty period for the product. Verification of the warranty period is based on the warranty card and / or invoice.

- Products with external manufacturer's warranty, please refer directly to the site indicated on the original warranty card. Esperanza Sp. J. is not involved in mediating between the advertiser and the service of the manufacturer and is not responsible for the operation of these services.

- Company Esperanza does not conduct post-warranty maintenance and service of commercial products sold.
- After our confirmation and acceptance by Esperanza, you can send the consignment at the expense of the public, through the carrier, with whom we have signed a contract currently shipping. The cost of such shipment to the shipper will be reinvoiced. Parcels sent in this way without the prior consent of the Service will not be received and the sender burdened with postage both ways.

Address and contact data to RMA Department:

Esperanza Sp. J. Poterek - RMA Department
05-850 Ozarow Mazowiecki
ul. Poznanska 129/133

Tel .: +48 (0) 22 721 35 71 v.11
fax: +48 (0) 22 721 21 61
email: serwis@esperanza.pl

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